Terms of order and purchase agreement - Administering HSE cards

About HR Systems

HR-Systemer (org. no. 924 952 210) is a provider of HR/HMS systems and related services. This agreement applies to the ordering of HSE cards between the parties the customer (Customer) and the provider (HR-systemer AS).

General information about the agreement

This document is a binding agreement between you as a customer/orderer of HSE cards and HR-systemer AS. The website (www.hms-id-kort.no) is operated and owned by HR-systemer AS.

This service involves the customer placing an order(s) for government-approved HSE cards for either the construction or cleaning industry. The provider fulfils the order and ensures that the card is delivered directly to the customer by post.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you also accept HR-systemer AS's data processing agreement. You can read more about this here.

Terms and conditions were last updated on 8 February 2021.

Ordering an HSE card

Ordering HSE cards is done through various channels. These channels include telephone, order form on www.hms-id-kort.no or by uploading image material on www.hms-id-kort.no/foto, www.hmsdok.no, or by sending an email to [email protected] 

In order for the supplier to be able to produce HSE cards, the supplier must obtain the necessary and correct information and attachments from the customer. The necessary information can be found on the order page. The service provider must receive all the necessary information for the delivery to be carried out, which must be sent to the provider no later than 40 days after ordering. This includes documents, correct information about the company and the employee and photographic material. The Customer accepts and authorises the Provider to complete application processes, communicate and obtain data from the Labour Inspectorate by delegating access to the Provider's general manager in HR systems.

When HR-systemer AS has received the order from the customer, the order is considered to be final and the customer's payment obligations are then established. Based on the form and nature of the assignment, it cannot be cancelled after this time.

Price and payment

The price per HSE card is NOK 690 ex. VAT. Upon completion of the order, the customer will be sent an invoice with a payment deadline of 14 days. The customer will also be invoiced for an invoice and administration fee of NOK 149 ex VAT per order form.
Unpaid claims will be sent to debt collection and further costs will follow on an ongoing basis. Invoices will be sent by post unless otherwise stated by the customer.
Invoices sent by post include an invoice fee in addition to the price. The invoice fee is NOK 59. 

In cases where the provider lacks the necessary information or in other situations where the HR systems cannot complete the transfer, the customer will still be invoiced. These reasons may include: the employee who is to have an HSE card is not registered in the necessary registers (the Central Tax Office for Foreign Affairs or the Aa register, etc.), the company is not registered in the VAT register, is not an approved cleaning company or does not have delegated access to the provider's general manager in HR systems. If one of these or similar reasons prevents the tenderer from completing the order, HR systems will still send an invoice for the order.

Right of withdrawal and cancellation

According to Norwegian cancellation laws, the Cancellation Act does not apply to sales between traders. Our services are therefore not subject to the Sale of Goods Act. 


The provider orders HSE cards directly from Evry Card Services and sends the cards directly to the customer at the specified delivery address. The Provider will use its best endeavours to deliver the cards as quickly as possible. The Customer agrees that HR Systems cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss resulting from delayed delivery.

In some individual cases, the invoice may be received by the customer before the cards. This does not mean that no cards have been put into production. Nor is there any basis for waiving payment terms.

If the card is returned due to an incorrect address, it will be resent to the registered company address in the Brønnøysund Register. The provider accepts no responsibility if incorrect delivery addresses have been provided.


HR systems retain the right to contact the customer before expired or blocked HSE cards, as well as according to employees without HSE cards. This is to offer the customer a renewal of the HSE card. This contact may occur via e-mail, text message or by call from the provider.

The customer has no automatic obligations beyond the payment liability that arises from the first order, unless the customer has chosen this. The customer chooses this when ordering. The customer can also commit to automatic renewal after the first order by written or verbal consent.

Securing information

HR-systemer AS works to the best of its ability to have correct information on the website at all times. The provider is not responsible for ensuring the quality of customer information, this is the customer's responsibility when ordering. The customer also has a responsibility to store the cards safely and if the cards are lost, new cards must be ordered. The price will be the same for a new card, unless it is not the same year.


Evry Card is the company that prints and produces the HSE cards. This is done on behalf of the Ministry of Labour.