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Photo and ID must be uploaded to the new system before ordering an HSE card. Signatures are no longer required and are removed in the new ordering solution.

What is considered valid identification

Approved identity documents are identity documents that meet the requirements of the Immigration Regulations (FOR-2009-10-15-1286) Appendix 4 or travel documents as referred to by the Directorate of Immigration and Norwegian driving licences issued after 1998.

  • Norwegian and foreign passports (not emergency passports)
  • National ID cards from EU/EEA countries (an overview of these can be found in Appendix 4 of the Immigration Regulations)
  • Norwegian driving licence issued after 1 January 1998
  • Norwegian digital driver's licence
  • Nordic driver's licence (Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish)
  • Norwegian travel document for refugees
  • Alien passport - not approved if issued for a single journey
  • Norwegian residence card
  • Defence ID card

If you don't have any of these types of ID, please contact us via chat or phone.

The portrait image must fulfil the following requirements

  • The portrait photo must show the holder's face as it appears today, without headgear* or similar.
  • Both eyes and ears should be fully visible.
  • Your eyes should be focussed on the camera lens.
  • The facial expression should be neutral and the mouth should be closed.
  • The background should be light without strong shadows.
  • The face should be evenly illuminated.
  • Glasses must not be worn.
  • The face must be depicted from the front.
  • The portrait image cannot be an image of a photograph of the employee.
  • The images must be in .JPEG or .PNG format.
  • Images must be smaller than 10 MB

What do I do if the images are rejected?

If you receive an email stating that a photo or ID is not valid, both must be uploaded again regardless of whether only one of them has been rejected. Should only credentials be selected, the upload will not be possible.

It will be stated on the email why the images are rejected but some of the reasons may be:

- The face is unevenly exposed. High contrasts in the image can lead to white spots on the image when it is transferred to the card. Make sure that the image is not taken near a bright light source such as directly under a lamp.
- Passport. When it comes to submitting a passport as proof of identity, it will be rejected if the expiry date is not shown or is not clear enough on the photo submitted.
- Glasses. New requirements mean that glasses are not approved in the picture.
- Bank card. Bank cards are no longer valid as identification.

When the new images are uploaded, they will be placed in a new image processing queue. If you refresh the page, you will see that the image has been submitted and is being processed, the order will continue automatically. You will receive a new email if the image is rejected again. When the image is approved, it will be visible in front of the employee's name.

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